The land of Senosha was torn apart by the wars of man for centuries, but an age of relative peace allowed the humanoid races to flourish both in population and industry. Infuriated by the death of woodland creatures as a result of man encroaching upon nature, the druids have risen up to repel the iron tide. But who among this ancient cabal of mystics has the power to unite the sylvan races and cow the humans into submission?

As one of these powerful sorcerers, you must assert your dominance over the weaker races. Cultivate your grove to bolster your magic, recruit sylvan creatures with your cunning, forge alliances with other like-minded druids, and bend humanity to your will!

Game Features

  • Massively multiplayer - Join with friends to create powerful clans!
  • Real-time strategy - Coordinate attacks and defense, don't leave yourself unguarded!
  • Choose the path of character progression - Will your druid focus on strong magic, or harness troops with martial prowess? The choice is yours!
  • Unrivaled depth with scores of skills, plants, spells, potions, items, troops, and much more!
  • Play FREE with your Pitch Mobile account!

Release date to be announced, stay tuned...

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