Popsicle Pirates

Yarr, matey!

Set sail for high finance in the turbulent streets of Scuttlebutt City. You'll need a keen business mind and a trusty sidekick to go from basement business to captain of industry, selling your icey wares to the street urchins. Climb to the top of the crow's nest of fortune!

Game Features

  • A simple-to-learn yet complex economic simulation allows you to make all the business decisions.
  • Manage your stock carefully - how much ice will you need to offset meltage?
  • Nine different popsicles to sell, with individual ratings for coldness, sweetness, and fanciness.
  • Watch the weather - on really hot days, kids want cold popsicles more than sweet ones.
  • Account for area demographics - the suburbs may have lots of kids to sell to, but will they have the pocket change to buy the more expensive popsicles?
  • Watch your employee's mood - a happy employee works harder than an annoyed one!
  • Lots of room to grow - start with an in-home business and a simple ice-cream cart, build up to a huge warehouse and fancy ice-cream truck.

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