Pitch Mobile Partners With The National LifeWork Centre

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 - Over the past few months, Pitch Mobile has been proudly working with the National Life Work Centre (NLWC), a world-renowned educational organization that has revolutionalized education materials and resources across the globe.  Their best-selling, and most recognizable product is  “The Real Game” series.  A highly respected teaching tool that simulates real-life experiences in order to prepare students for the responsibilities of every day life.  Students will take on a virtual life, where they will need to juggle work, home and leisure.  This includes managing a budget in order to purchase a house, car, and all of life’s necessities so that valuable lessons are learned and can be applied later in life.

Pitch Mobile and NLWC have created a partnership that has merged their expertise in the educational and technology-based fields in order to bring a digital version of  “The Real Game” series to life.  During this process, Pitch Mobile took the paper-based game and created new and exciting ways of interacting with the material.  This has allowed the series, which has


already educated over a million people in 13 countries, to further broaden its reach throughout the world.

The next phase of the collaboration between Pitch Mobile and NLWC is to bring “The Real Game” series to the next level by localizing the content to reflect the culture and economic structures of specific cities and states. Not only will the process allow the landscape and spirit of a city be featured to students, but it means that the series can be individually adapted by your organization for realistic training and educational purposes.

We hope to bring you more exciting updates and details in the near future!

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